Last International Women’s Day we Play(ed) for Planned Parenthood.

Gamers from all across the WORLD banded together to raise funds for PP. Colleges held events, friends hosted parties, and streamers shared their gameplay on our Twitch channels. Together we raised over $50,000.

I want to celebrate every single one of you who helped Play4PP happen. I have never been so proud to have helped create something, and so humbled by the support of the gaming community!

Planning for Play4PP 2018 will be kicking off soon! I would like to make this years event even bigger and better than last year, and if you would like to get involved we could definitely use your help! Want to get involved? Shoot us an email at playforplannedparenthood@gmail.com.

When we all band together we can make amazing things happen.

Website: www.playforplannedparenthood.com

Twitter: @Play4pp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Play4PP/

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