It’s a Kind of Magic.

With our Universal Studios passes expiring, we took one last trip to Hogsmeade on Sunday! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is always a magical place, but it’s especially magical to us since we got engaged in Ollivanders in July of last year (someday in the near future I’ll find a way to fit that indescribable day into a blog post).

I was a bit under the weather with a cold all weekend, but Felix convinced me to push through and make use of our passes for one last trip. It ended up being a nice, relaxing afternoon and we walked around the shops and cast some spells throughout the park.

When heading towards Ollivander’s we recognized a familiar face: A certain Wand Assistant had been presently surprised by our engagement, and his shocked face in our proposal candids became something of a meme between our friends on social media. To our glee, he remembered us and obliged us with a recreation of the pic:

Cosplayers were out in full force and when I spotted this Newt Scamander, complete with Pickett, I had to ask for a photo with my favorite Hufflepuff. We ran into Newt later in the afternoon while dining at the Three Broomsticks and got to chatting about costumes and Harry Potter events. Turns out he runs a WWHP Hogsmeade Meetup Group on Facebook (I joined), and serves some pretty fierce Harry Potter themed make up looks on Insta.

You may have noticed that my purse is a golden snitch, and no you can’t find it for sale at Box Lunch… not yet anyway. I designed this bag for our Universal Studios trip in July for Felix’s birthday, aka our surprise engagement! I had planned to make a tutorial to share here, but getting engaged has a habit of throwing all precious plans out the window. I’ll finally be posting the tutorial sometime in the next week, so keep an eye out if you would like to catch a snitch bag if your own!

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