Faire Play

Last weekend we journeyed to the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale. Its a yearly pilgrimage for us and our friends, and fills the gap between our SCA camping events.

Irwindale is notoriously hot during The Ren Faire months (April – May), but we lucked out and chose the coolest forecasted weekend to attend this year. Romping around in corsets and skirts doesn’t make keeping cool easy, but drinking copious amounts of mead, cider, and beer definitely helps.

My favorite thing to do at Faire (besides drink) is perusing the costume, jewelry, and trinket shops. I love supporting the Faire vendors, and try to pick up a trinket or two each time I visit the Faire.

This year I picked up a gorgeous rosebud necklace by Fleur de Jour. They use their crafty, Renaissance magic to turn real roses into everlasting pieces of jewelry. They are a Faire exclusive vendor, so you’ll have to head out to Irwindale to pick one up yourself!

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire runs in Irwindale from April 7th – May 20th!


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